Who we are

TeleAlba is the first Albanian company which broadcasts with a guaranteed quality. Our service will be assured to the highest quality, 99.99% of the times without even the slightest glitch.


Customer Protection

Our contracts, with the most prestigious media in the Albanian media market as of today, will guarantee continuity of our qualitative services. At the moment we are the first company to guarantee consumer protection with 100% of the channels that we broadcast.

Broadcasting quality

The quality that will be offered will be maximal. For the first time, you will be able to touch the Albanian signal in HD. The investment in this area is quite serious from our side, and the entire focus is on this element, knowing that the future will only be broadcasted in HD.



If the signal is distributed “TODAY” in HD quality 1080p media operator in Albania, this is the quality that it will be broadcasted here in U.S.A as well.


Our Technical Office is based out of Tirana, Albania; guaranteeing a qualitative signal directly from the media operator.

Our distributor server is based out of Finland. With the most modern technology we guarantee that the quality will not be jeopardized from the rush in traffic. Through optical fiber interconnection stability, even through traffic, full speed will be guaranteed.